Yoshiki Foundation America is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit corporation founded in 2010 by Japanese musician Yoshiki of the multi-million-selling rock band X Japan. A number of personal experiences brought Yoshiki to the launch of his foundation beginning with the loss of his own father when he was just a teenager. Like so many people around the world, he read news accounts and was deeply moved by the devastating effects of the 1995 earthquake in Kobe; in 2009, he paid an emotional visit to an orphanage in Sichuan, still reeling in its recovery, with so many children still displaced and orphaned. Additionally and as a tribute to Yoshiki’s late X Japan band mate, Hide, who embraced the support of children with bone marrow disease, The Yoshiki Foundation provides funds to offer assistance through music to children with this debilitating illness. Music is what kept Yoshiki moving forward with his life after his father’s passing, and bringing music to children in need is at the heart of his Foundation. While he was thankful he was in a position to donate several pianos and other musical instruments to the schools affected by the Kobe and Sichuan earthquakes, as well as having the children in the local orphanages as his personal guests at local X Japan concerts, he wanted to do more, something permanent and enduring.



NEWS: YOSHIKI Supports Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Yoshiki Foundation  America donates $25,000 to Red Cross

NEWS: YOSHIKI Donates $100,000.00 To Help Displaced Hurricane Victims Through MusiCares®


On October 9, 2017, YOSHIKI donated $100,000.00 to help get immediate aid to hurricane victims in the United States and its territories. YOSHIKI delivered the check in New York to MusiCares®, a charity of the Recording Academy™ via Jennifer Leff, LCSW

Senior Director, Health & Human Services. The donation will be funded immediately to MusiCares’s current hurricane relief efforts through Yoshiki Foundation America 501(c)(3). 100% of all donations to Musicares go directly to people in need.


“I'm from Japan but I live in America," YOSHIKI said. "When Japan got hit by the Tsunami Earthquake in 2011, the people of America supported Japan. I was really moved by that, so I'd like to keep supporting America as much as I can. My heart goes out to all those who are affected.”



Yoshiki Foundation America is proud to sponsor the Pablove Tennis Classic again this year, raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer research! Presented by WME, YOSHIKI FOUNDATION AMERICA , and CityNational Bank​



NEWS: YOSHIKI holds presentation of signature drum set for 6 million JPY donation to Japan Red Cross

YOSHIKI held the presentation ceremony of his special drum set which was donated to the charity auction for the Great East Japan Earthquake. The highest bid price of 6,040,000 JPY will be fully endowed through YOSHIKI FOUNDATION AMERICA 501(c)(3) to the Japanese Red Cross.​

NEWS: YOSHIKI donates 10 million yen to heavy rain disaster area in western Japan

After YOSHIKI received the report of heavy downpours and flooding in July 2018 which greatly damaged various places around western Japan, he made a donation of 10 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society through his own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Yoshiki Foundation America. The Japanese Red Cross Society also began accepting donations for the "July 2018 Heavy Rain Disaster Relief Fund" on July 10th.


YOSHIKI sent the following message via social media, re-posting the article from the New York Times. "I just saw the news in the U.S. I pray for those who passed away. And I truly hope the damage caused by heavy rain will not spread any more."


Japanese Red Cross Society

July 2018 Heavy Rain Disaster Relief

NEWS: YOSHIKI performs marathon of sold-out dinner shows in Tokyo and continues fundraising efforts.

YOSHIKI completed the first wave of his sold-out dinner shows in Tokyo on July 16, a marathon 7 shows over 4 days celebrating the fifth anniversary of his intimate concert series.


“EVENING WITH YOSHIKI 2018 IN TOKYO JAPAN 6 DAYS 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL” included guest appearances by Yoshikitty, a string quartet, guest vocalists Katie Fitzgerald and Ashley Knight, a YOSHIKIMONO fashion show, a collaborative performance with the Maki Asami Ballet Group, and a surprise drum performance from YOSHIKI.



In addition, YOSHIKI continued his fundraising efforts through Yoshiki Foundation America with a charity auction of the rock star’s clothing worn in TV performances and music videos as well as precious personal items including a signed ball from FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué, who attended YOSHIKI’s dinner show the same week. The total bids over seven performances amounted to ¥47,760,000, bringing the total amount raised from YOSHIKI’s dinner show charity auctions to ¥148,220,000.

Yoshiki Foundation America a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization